I have NO IDEA what ‘Rage’ is about. I have NO IDEA how you premiere a movie on mobile phones. None of this makes any sense to me at all. BUT here is what I’ve learned from the trailer:

1. I adore Eddie Izzard.
2. I am starting to adore Jude Law.
3. Items 1 & 2 make me aware I may have some “guys in women clothing” issues. Fast forward 10 years to me walking in on my until now perfectly normal husband (I’m not married yet so may be a bit optimistic on that 10 year thing), in my bra and panties.
4. From now on I will only allow my picture to be taken if it is in front of a very colorful backdrop and I’m lit with white light coming in at perfect angles in front of me. So I look like a pretty washed out vampire. Really. They all look amazing. Direct-ish white light is obviously the key to beauty and agelessness.