photo (4)My name is Wendy. I live in Los Angeles with my adorable dog Riggins. Together we rule the world.

My snazzy dog sitting site – dogvacay.com/pro/wendyandriggins

My just as snazzy Etsy site – etsy.com/shop/waytowow

Here are my top most viewed posts if you want to get an idea of my lovely and charismatic writing style (Can writing be charismatic or does that have to be an in person type descriptive word?  Let’s just say it can be.):

  1. Bar Method – Connecting my Brain with my Body
  2. DogVacay – Happiness for You and Your Dog
  3. Clean as a Whistle – Kinda
  4. Not That Kind of Bar
  5. The Best Medicine

Here are the posts that have received the most comments:

  1. The Best Medicine
  2. 39 (cough) Acts of Kindness – 1,2 and 3
  3. Bar Method – Connecting my Brain with my Body

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for visiting! 😀

  2. Aashna Serrao said:

    Hi Wendy, is there a way one can contact you? An email address? Thank you!

  3. Hi Wendy, i would like to write you an email. Can you share it?

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