So my parents, being the NICEST people on the planet, and fully understanding that I’m a basket case, were sweet enough to drive to my house (45 mins from theirs) to check on Riggins at lunch.

I hear he is doing “great”. He was excited to see them (he always is) and thet played ball with him for a bit. He seemed to be doing so well that they left him in the backyard (his normal “during the day” location) to frolic and play until I come home. This is a HUGE treat for him as he hasn’t been allowed out back by himself for a week now. Mostly because I didn’t want him to eat anything (berries, fruit, leaves, grass) that would continue to upset his stomach. So DON’T EAT ANYTHING RIGGINS.

With the parent check up coming back a-okay I went ahead and turned in his insurance claim form with numerous visits listed. I refuse to tell you the total cost of it all …