Facebook has done a couple things nice for me. One is kept me in contact with those handful of people from my past I actually do like and, if it not for the site would not have any connection with. One of my friends from college who I find hilarious, intelligent and would know nothing about today if not for the crazy site, started the group, “You’re both wrong, so shut it.”

It describes itself as:
“This group is dedicated to the idea of shutting out the extremist views on both sides of an issue. You understand that moderates and people willing to compromise have views that are just as strong, yet don’t need to resort to name calling or other infantile arguments. Scare tactics don’t work either. We can think for ourselves.”

As if I didn’t love that topic enough I joined in time to receive an officers title! A Facebook first for me! Although I like everyone’s well matched titles I’m in love with mine, “Assistant Coordinator – Canine Telepathy Services”. I would like my current business cards to be immediately reprinted to reflect this. It is a much more accurate title than any I’ve ever held!