NOTHING makes me happier than someone who try’s to change my religious beliefs.  I can see it coming from a mile away.  I brace my feet, grounding myself to the earth, look them straight in the eye, smirk a bit, and dare them to try.

I find it fascinating that I, the one not afraid of your God, am perfectly willing to let you believe whatever you want/need to.  We came from an alien race and are waiting for the mothership to return?  Of course we are Tom Cruise … believe it!  Some dude came to save us all and can turn water to wine?  Send him over to my place.  I’m flush with water that could use a little metamorphosis.  When you die you can come back as an ant, a monkey, a dog, a Queen.  Nice.  I choose Queen.  Believe what you want.  AND YET those who are fearful of their God feel the need to try to save me.    Well let’s face it someone needs to.  Its kind of nice for these folks to step up and take on that duty.

The only thing that is more fun is when a “Match” dude whose profile is full up on “God fearing” thinks he will give it a try.  LOVE IT.  Such a good stress reliever.

So here is the email I received from Mr. I Heart God and My Wife Needs To Too:


Very interesting.

Atheist, what do you believe in?”

And here is my response:

“Really?  That’s where your starting with “get to know you small talk”.  What do I believe in?  Science, fact, truth.  Do unto others as you’d like others to do onto you.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Energy can’t be created or destroyed but transformed/converted into other types of energy.  The big bang theory & evolution.  It’s pretty convenient that most “religious” holidays mirror the dates of the older Pagan festivities.  The Bible has some great fiction fables to help instill morals (scare the crap out of) in it’s readers.  Sadly it is often used to support crazy folks (there is no way to get around it … crazy is the correct descriptive word) emotional fear to those different than themselves.

You know … atheist stuff.”