When Finding Nemo came out a number of friends suggested I was Dory.  I suppose I should take that as an insult as she was a bit of a ditzy fish with short-term memory loss.  Still she had spunk so I’m going to look at it as a compliment!  I think they were referring to her wiliness to just push on, singing happily to herself, as she went off unafraid of failure.  At least that is what I tell myself.

I do constantly chant her mantra, “just keep swimming” in my head.  In fact I think it is the key to success for any fitness program.  When friends ran their first 5K they asked me for advice.  My only advice, “just don’t stop.”  Once you stop you are sunk.  Literally, if you are swimming.  It s SO easy to stop.  It’s SO EASY to not put on those work out clothes and so easy to choose the sofa & TV over getting out and sweating.  SO EASY!  So just don’t do it.  Don’t give yourself a chance.  Just keep swimming!

I usually try to work out more during the holidays since work stress is usually lighter and I get a few vacation days/hours.  This holiday was a work out disaster.  My adorable nephew was sick during X-mas and soon after the entire family was out with the cold.  Personally I had to stop and sink.  Sink right down to the sofa which is where I stayed for  DAYS!  Every morning I’d hope for the best and then have to log on to the computer to cancel my Bar Method class.  It just wasn’t possible.

Despite continued cough and running nose I had to get back to working out.  After all I signed up for my 4th tri that is to take place March 19 (which means I’m already behind in swimming/biking training) so I needed to get going.  Last night I went off to Bar Method class after a week and 1/2 off.

Now here is the key to the “just keep swimming” method of fitness … staring after stopping is a pain in the bum (and a pain a number of other places too).  Anyone who has started any kind of weight lifting or strength training exercise regime will tell you how horrible it is at first.  Well that is if they remember and are telling you the truth.  It’s HORRIFIC.  Seriously every single muscle hurts.  Every single one!  You can’t even imagine walking and breathing without pain let alone going back to the gym/class/etc to do it all again.  A similar thing happens when you leave for a bit and come back.  Even just a week and 1/2 off and I knew I was heading into a world of hurt.

Today I can’t walk without thinking, “ouch!”  BUT I WENT BACK!   I didn’t want to.  I almost talked myself out of it a number of times.  BUT I WENT BACK!  Now I need to make it through a class without running out to blow my nose.  I also need to start swimming (35 degrees when I got up this morning so I’m not really looking forward to the pool) and biking ASAP!  Oy vey!