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Downton Abbey season 1 cast – source

Since Time Warner Cable (my internet AND cable TV provider) and CBS are having a ridiculous spat and the summer shows (of which I watch many) are coming to an end I have less to watch from my DVR (anyone worth anything watches TV time shifted vs. live).  It’s simply horrific.  CBS itself isn’t really loss in the summer months but Showtime is a real shame.  I was caught up in the finale season of Dexter and the premiere season of Ray Donovan when my signal was pulled and I was thrown into cable darkness.  I honestly don’t know which of the two gazillion dollar companies I hate more.  It is a hard choice so I choose to hate them both.  I am nothing if not fair.

It is extra aggravating that CBS, in its need to be as petty as possible, took away Time Warner Cable Internet users the ability to watch their programs online.  I feel like this is a HUGE opportunity miss.  They could easily take advantage of this time to become the King of TV on the Internet but alas, no one has that kind of creative thinking when a money war is going on.

Luckily for me I can watch Under the Dome online with my Amazon Prime subscription (I don’t subscribe to Hulu Plus nor do I have Netflix).  So TAKE THAT TIME WARNER CABLE!  Honestly at this point I’m not even missing Showtime and think I can probably cancel it all together without being that sad.  Oops …. not quite the viewer reaction you were looking for during your little quarrel …

Matthews & Lady Mary (KISS ALREADY) - source

Matthews & Lady Mary (KISS ALREADY) – source

After I caught up on Under the Dome and realized nothing on my DVR was very exciting (I wouldn’t dare watch live TV … don’t be ridiculous) I decided to dive into another series that Amazon Prime was offering.  It was between Breaking Bad (which I have never seen) and Downton Abbey (which I, also, have never seen).  I choose Downton Abbey.  Yes yes yes … I know… EVERYONE loves Breaking Bad.  I get it.  It’s just Downton Abbey seems to fit my sensibilities more than the angry drug show.  Don’t get your feathers ruffled.  I’m sure I’ll get to it sometime in the future.

I just finished the first season of Downton Abbey and I’m very pleased with my choice.  Here are my thoughts so far:

  • Every single episode is just heart breaking.  Seriously my heart hurts and almost every episode has me in tears.  So much unrequited love.  I just want to slap some characters in the face and say “kiss her (or him depending on who I smacked).
  • I’d marry Matthew in a heartbeat … I N   A   H E A R T B E A T!
  • Lady Mary and I would definitely be BFFs.
  • I’m  madly in love with Mr. Bates although his extreme morals make me ridiculously aggravated at him (I am assuming he ends up in jail at some point since you search his character name on the internet and you get “FREE MR. BATES” sites).
  • I know that some beloved character died this last season as Twitter was all a-twat about it.  I can’t remember who it was and I’m horrified to get to that part (I feel like its the Red Wedding of Downton Abbey).  Unless it’s Thomas that dies.  I’m okay
    Moral Mr. Bates - source

    Moral Mr. Bates – source

    with that.  That dude is an asshat.

  • Dressing for dinner each night would be exhausting even with a lady’s maid.  I assume my normal attire of yoga pants and tank top would not be suitable.
  • I’m sad corsets are no longer considered the “norm” for women.  They look so darn good on. (I know that goes against my yoga pants attire but if I gotta wear those dresses I might as well look good in them.)
  • I’d appreciate it if the darling lab of Downton Abbey received more screen time.
  • War is coming and I’m scared!

There you go!  One gals opinion on the season of a show that originally ran in 2010!  DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS …