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pizap.com13831847803531I love Halloween.  It is by far one of my favorite holidays.  At one time I’d say it was my absolute favorite.  I love getting dressed up in costumes and all the wacky fun that goes along with.  I’m a hard-core “make your own” costume type gal and always want to go all out.  When I first got Riggins I was SO excited to have another person to dress up.  At the time my boyfriend was already forced into couple costumes a dog just rounded out the theme.  Our first Halloween with Riggins we were living in West Hollywood.  THE WEST HOLLYWOOD with THE WEST HOLLYWOOD Halloween Parade (which isn’t happening this year I hear).  The city closes off Santa Monica Blvd. and it becomes a parade of fabulous wacky fun!  I had never had a chance to go but this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I put together not 1, not 2 but 3 (insert count laugh here) vampire costumes.  One for my boyfriend at the time, one for me AND one for Riggins.  He was so friggin’ cute.  We proceeded down to Santa Monica Blvd and it didn’t take too long before puppy Riggins was overwhelmed and I had to pick him up so he wouldn’t be stepped or stumbled upon by fellow partakers in Hollywood Halloween madness.  Luckily Riggins was still small because I carried him for MILES that night.  Bringing him was not the best of ideas.  I think it traumatized him for life.

Halloween contains three of Riggins biggest fears/hates:

  1. Children
  2. Crazy people in odd attire
  3. People coming up to the house
  4. People screaming

It is his own personal Hell.  I’ve tried to keep him in the back room during trick or treating hours and that went badly.  I tried to keep him on a leash and that went badly.  I tried to just push him out-of-the-way and that went badly.  Only the bravest of children will dare walk up my driveway and whisper in a shaky voice, “trick or treat” above the menacing barking of a giant black dog.  It isn’t uncommon for a child to stand on the sidewalk looking up at my house and think, “Screw that.  I don’t want that mini candy bar that bad” and just move on.

pizap.com13831850521331I’ve learned my lesson and no longer force Riggins into a costume he doesn’t want to wear (see list below) nor do I even open my door for Trick or Treaters.  It’s easier just to have Riggins bark at them with his hatred from behind a closed-door.  I put out a bowl of candy with a note to take a piece or two.  It is the honor system at my house.  I have faith in humanity and believe one nasty kid won’t come dump the entire bowl in his plastic jack o’ lantern and just call it a night.  The REALLY smart kid would just take the entire bowl.  That is if they dare to come to the porch of the evil barking dog house!

We all make sacrifices for our children.  I sacrificed Halloween for Riggins.  Tomorrow night we will be huddled together in the living room during the small child invasion, and I’ll give him treats and love to try and keep him from ripping down the door with his claws and teeth!

Riggins past costumes:

  • Dracula Dog
  • Broom to my witch
  • Champion wrestler (the year he had a small piece of his ear taken off — that piece is HUGE now due to a dog attack so he could really rock this costume).
  • I was a cat once and he was … a dog

Happy Halloween to all and beware of any black dogs crossing your path!