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I don’t care about football.  Yes Riggins is named after an ex-Redskin football player but that wasn’t my doing.  Blame that on my ex-boyfriend.  Luckily its an adorable name and fits him so there was no need to change it when Riggins and I headed off on our own.  To those under 40 Riggins is better known as one of the leads in Friday Night Lights and that is who everyone assumes he is named after.  My guess is that the FNL Riggins was named after the Redskins John Riggins so I don’t feel like I’m lying when I respond, “yes” when asked if he is named after cutie Tim.

Not originally from LA.  Sporting a flower crown.

Not originally from LA. Sporting a flower crown.

Los Angeles, my city, does not have a football team.  We have a baseball team (two if you count Orange County … no one in LA does), a soccer team (or so I hear), a hockey team (two if you count Orange County) and basketball teams coming out of our ears.  Football we got nada.  It’s tragic for people like my dad who LOVE football.  You really have few choices if you are a native (or native-ish) LA-ian when it comes to who to cheer for.  Those who migrated here will vote for whatever team is from their home city.  Those of us that were born (or nearly born) here have to choose our team.  Some go for the ex LA, now St. Louis, Rams.  Others go for the less obvious ex LA, now Oakland Raiders.  The Rams were part of LA for a long time, 1946-1994 (I had to look that up).  If you are true to this city, like my dad, then you hate the team that deserted you (like my dad).  It doesn’t matter who is playing against the Rams my dad wants that team to win.  The Rams left him high and dry and he is hurt by this fact and no amount of time will ease his pain.  Most of us slide on down to San Diego and cheer on the Chargers.  Still others randomly pick a team based on friend loyalty and/or team colors.

Dragon and Krissy

Dragon and Krissy

The Super Bowl to me is a time to chat with friends and eat a bunch of bad for you stuff.  That is what I did.  I went to my friend’s Super Bowl party fully prepared to watch the game.  Honestly I gave that up before it even started.  I had brought Dragon over with me to enjoy the festivities.  He’s a good party companion.  We started in the garage/back yard (aka the main TV viewing location) but then I got hungry and I wanted to see what new food had appeared so I headed to the kitchen.  Someone brought taquitos and I had to have some of those so I hovered around there for a bit.  Then I wanted my phone, to take pictures of Dragon in party mode.  I had to go into the kids room where my purse was and got involved in a conversation about whatever cartoon was on TV.  I took some pictures of Dragon and sat back down to watch the game only to realize I had left my giant bottle of sparkling water in the kitchen so I had to go back to get that but on the way I cruised by the bar and saw that someone had brought pre-mixed margarita drinks.  I’m not one to say no to a margarita so I poured myself one of those and forgot all about my water and sat back down.  Then I remembered my water and got back up and realized they were watching the game in the

Dragon and a cup full of margarita.

Dragon and a cup full of margarita.

living room which was way warmer and less crowded with better sight lines then the garage/back yard.  So I sat down.  Then some new friends showed up and I had to head to the kitchen to chat with them.  This went on from the time I got to the party around 2:30 until I left after the game about 7:30.  I figure the cardio I did walking back and forth gobbled up some of the taquito calories.

Anyway … that’s how I celebrate the Super Bowl.  I can’t tell you many details about the game except that Bruno Mars is adorable and tiny enough to fit in my pocket, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers don’t give a crap about the cold they need to be shirtless, and that the bird team beat the horse team by a lot.  Obviously I should be a sports announcer.