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I just finished cleaning the bathroom and I’m high on bleach cleaner.  It seems like the perfect time to type up a feminist blog post.

Quick change of subject — What is it about dog hairs that attract them to the toilet seat?  Do you realize how many dog hairs are on my toilet?  It’s disgusting.  Now they are just wet hair since there is no way to actually get them off once they are on.  They have been cleaned with foaming bleach cleaner so it’s all good.

Back to feminism – I consider myself a feminist but not an overly annoying one.  I consider women equal to men and support women’s rights and equal pay so if that makes me overly annoying, so be it.  One thing that really gets my lacy panties in a wad though is the Miss/Mrs. thing.  As it turns out both are abbreviations for the word “Mistress.”  Not the bad kind of Mistress but the feminine of Master.  Okay … the other bad kind of Mistress.  Actually all women were “Mrs.” until the 17th century.  It was then that the silly separation of Mrs. and Miss started.  Notice something?  There was no silly separation for men. No Mr. and Mrrr.  Why is that?  Hmmmmmm?????  Why is it important that there is a label that tells you if a woman is married or not but for a man we take on a “don’t worry be happy” attitude?  Isn’t that a form of sexism?  I’ll answer that for you.  Yes.  Yes it is.  We even teach it to our tiny little children in school on their first day … “Mrs. Smith and Miss Black welcome you to kindergarten.”  Screw that.

Hey ladies don’t you worry your pretty little heads because society has an answer for you … Ms.  Ms translates into “bitter single women.”  Don’t shake your head at me you know it is true.  Anytime you see someone  use “Ms.” you think “not married and pissed about it.”  I blame you society for not taking a stand years ago about this.

Don’t worry.  We can fix it now!  We can turn that Ms. assumption on its head and take back Ms.  Let’s ALL use Ms.  Married women, single women, young and old, pre and post op, and drag alike.  We are all Ms.  Ms. and proud!

Or you can just call me Mistress Wendy.  That works too.