You all know that I love going to my Bar Method classes. I’ve been going for years without any thought to the number of classes I’ve attended, amount of times I’ve wanted to secretly punch my instructor, how often I cringed when told to get into “chair” thigh exercise position, and the amount of money I’ve spent. I haven’t been counting because there is no need. I go, I feel better, I look better, and that makes me want to go again!

Recently I received the best email ever:1978861_10205814042850223_7836022288121708350_n

Did you read that? I rock! It says so right there in black and white! I was so excited and have my lavender pair of Elite Status grippy socks tucked away safely in the bag I use to hold my Bar Method stuff (a handful of mismatched grippy socks and 3 pairs of ballerina slippers). I didn’t go to class consistently during the 10923726_10153039790842229_6787474657722302773_nholiday weeks and I’m afraid I’m not in tip top enough shape to wear them yet. I’m horrified that some newby will eye my well dressed feet and scream, “Why does she have those? She can’t even do the splits!” Then I’d have to scream back, “Mind your own business and tuck your butt in. Your form is horrific so just zip it non elite loser.” Then we’d both be kicked out of class. I’m planning to wear them soon … so look out!

In the meantime, I got curious and crunched some of my Bar Method numbers. Here are some Wendy Bar Method number facts.

  • I took my first class on 9/9/2009.
  • My first instructor was Maxx. I’d call her “to the max with two XX’s” – agreeably not very creative but I was suffering from muscle fatigue whenever I saw her so give me a break.
  • I’ve attended 681 classes (double lavender ya’all).Capture
  • I’ve taken class on Friday’s less than any other weekday (11 in total).
  • Monday’s are obviously my favorite day of the week to take class (190 in total).
  • I took the most number of classes in the 5:15 time slot (194). Although to be fair the class schedule shifted at one point so if you add the 7:30 and 7:45s together they probably take that number one spot.
  • Kelsey is the instructor I’ve taken the most classes from (127). She co-owns her own studio in Silverlake now. Since I’m loyal to my Pasadena location that means another teacher will take over the title of number one in the future.

There you have it. The moral of this story? You should go check out your local Bar Method studio. For me to stick with it this long is pretty amazing and according to the random worker men who stopped what they were doing the other day and told me I have a nice ass, the exercise seems to be working.