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Over the past month I’ve managed to pull out my sewing machine not once …. but (wait for it) … twice. That’s right. I’m a craft making machine! I’ll start this story with the not so successful blanket –

When my nephew (the adorable Logan) was born I did my auntly duty (I swear I almost spelled that doodie and just had to pause my blogging for the laughter to stop) and hand sewed him a blanket. When sweet little Kira (my niece) was born I was a little behind but she just turned 2 months old so I figure I haven’t completely failed. Sadly her blanket (in the picture being modeled by Riggins) is a bit of a disaster. Don’t let blankets fool you. It’s their simplicity that sucks you in. You think, I don’t have to pin this …. it’s a freakin‘ blanket. Next thing you know your on hour 4 of the Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant marathon on TLC (brilliant by the way) with a seam ripper in one hand and sweat dripping off your brow. But now it is finished (well almost … I just found one more mistake that I have to fix before Friday.)! Yah!
The more successful project was for my highly talented fake nephew’s (aka sparkly common friend’s son) birthday. He is in the picture modeling his very personalized super hero cape.
2 projects and the score is Failure = 1 Success = 1. Neck in neck ….