Short term goals are good for you. AL, MC, LR, Sparkly Friend, and me are heading off to Vegas for the weekend! Here are my Vegas goals (in no particular order):

* Find and marry a super rich dude. Not just rich … super rich. Preferably married by an Elvis impersonator with AL, MC, LR and Sparkly Friend in show girl costumes as witnesses. Really, just for the pictures.
* Remember to take my blood pressure medication. This is actually a very important goal that I’m somewhat worried about. I’ve enlisted the travel crew to help remind me … Serious goal! Serious enough to write down and post!

* (What I see as the most attainable goal.) Snap a shot of Sparkly Friend and me on Southwest on the way to the City of Sin, tweet, and be re tweeted so that all Southwest followers are aware of how super duper cool our Abba “Dancing Queen” pink cowboy hats are!


Sparkly friend would like me to share her Vegas goals with you.

* 10 PURPLE OUT! She’s serious too. She got her fingernails painted purple and sparkly (of course) for good luck. 10 PURPLE OUT!!!