Here’s my thought … they are coming. I think all the signs are here. Alien life is seconds from crash landing on our little planet and I’m doing everything I can to let them know I’m “friend not food”.

My love for Star Trek along with other alien media can be a bit confusing but those who know me understand I’m not afraid of Worf (in fact he’s cute out of make up —http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Dorn) but the REAL aliens (finding the link to that has caused me to start hyperventilating). You know what I mean. The oval head, big eyed, orifice probing freaky mean ol’ aliens. Like Fire in the Sky aliens. AAAAAH. I will now not be able to sleep just because I said that movie title out loud. I wish I was kidding. Whoever added the “based on a true story” to that movie should be drug into the desert by his toenails and left for dead.

This summer there have been more signs to what the real aliens look like and I’m not going to lie. I’m not happy. Based on District 9, Avatar, and Old Man’s War (okay that is a book that has been out for awhile but I just read it so totally counts) the big eyes are still in. NOT OKAY. BIG FREAK SOUL STEALING EYES ARE NOT COOL (The Old Man’s War aliens aren’t so much aliens and have cat eyes but since it is a book not a movie I’m going with the visual in my head). I’m going to throw out the cockroach look of the District 9 aliens because let’s face it , that’s just silly. BUT based on my other two media sources, and why would they lie, aliens will have freaky colored skin. Blue, green, what does it matter. It isn’t flesh colored and that creeps me out.

So in case it is time I have the following ready (all based on my media based research):

*bag of Reeses Pieces (you never know)
*water (You bet ‘cha I’m going to try it. First alien near me is getting a mug full of water just in case that works.)
*comfy traveling clothes and extra leash for Riggins in case we have to take a ride up, up, and away
*words to “Earth Girls Are Easy”