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Since Wed. the “Station Fire” has burned up over 35,000 acres in the Los Angeles National Forest. I can see the flames now and then from my front yard. As I type the fire threatens the towers on Mt. Wilson which transmit all radio/tv for LA. About 1/2 hour ago it was confirmed that two firemen have died in their attempt to stop the flames. Today I went to the Pasadena Humane Society to drop of towels, food & $ for the animals whose human families are in shelters that they can’t hang out in. All in all, TRAGIC.
One of the buildings threatened, more so at the beginning of the fire, was/is JPL. I took the picture you see when I tired to go swimming at the Rose Bowl on Friday night but was turned away due to LARGE FLAMES. JPL is between the Rose Bowl and the flames you see. Not good. Burning down of JPL would be horrible.

Side note. I want to work at JPL. I really do. I think it would be so much fun and crazy exciting. That being said most jobs are for physicists and others who have crazy levels of schooling.
So I ask you … who hired the dipshit? I want to know. I want to know who was the hiring manager who that it was okay to hire the asshat. On Facebook JPL, who I follow on that and Twitter because I’m a loyal fan, posted a number of scary flame pictures. Many people commented, in general, wishing everyone well. Except Mr. Douchebag who wrote, “NO WORK TOMORROW, WOO HOO!!”. Despite his employment at the oh so famous JPL, he is too f*ing dumb to hide his profile so I found out he is a Financial Analyst for JPL. So not a scientist … but still … this guy got hired there? I’m horrified on behalf of NASA. Here was my response for all to see, “Did you just really “woo hoo” a major fire that took the lives of two firemen along with displacing numerous families from their homes? Really? THAT event just happens to keep you from working 8 hrs caused a “woo hoo”? I’m sure those whose lives are changed forever because of the horrible event tip their hats to you.” I hope he responds. I’m ready for a fight and can’t wait to take on this arrogant asshat nerd want-to-be behind the safety of my computer. Bring it chump.