E-mail I received from someone Chemistry.com matched me up with. Please note I do not know this man, have never met this man, have never emailed this man. THIS is his first communication with me … ever.

“i found you as one of my match on this site and i thought i should say hi,I have read your profile,all i can say is that i would like to share more than words and make something work with the heart also…really can’t wait to have a chat with or email you,let me know if you very much single and if you have found anyone yet on here ?
I like the friendship, passion, intensity and eroticism that develops and flourishes with someone special in the chemistry and the connection feels exactly — I think this is the key to making any relationship more fun, exciting and durable …. and I love to spoil, pamper and enjoying that one special woman in my life! … I am a big friend, companion, partner, confidant, mentor and benefactor
I wish i could be invited to your place for coffee or tea to make you cookies,i love baking a lot,cause i am having some right now,i can add you on IM if you have one you can also add me on your own IM******oo.com you can add me now or drop me an offline when i on break from work i would check my IM for your messages okay..
so sorry i can’t write much now i am short of words now !!!!!!
sure you are having a great day
David “

Now you may think I am being too harsh and/or hard on this guy. BUT really he is being sort of creepy don’t you think? What happened to a nice short and non creepy opening email? Something like,
“Hi. I really liked your profile. I’d love to meet for drinks sometime this week if you are available. Let me know.”
Is that really too much to ask?