I realize my last post was a bit whiny so I thought I’d share with you my very cool weekend.

Fist off Sat was kicked off with a really nice 5K. The people running the event were very sweet and it was for a good cause (http://rosannametoyer.com/). I crossed the finish line with random people cheering me on by name, thanks to the guy on the mic’s ability to look up bib numbers fast and furious. On top of that I finally got back to my “fighting time” of crossing the line in under 30 minutes. With all the Bar Method classes I’ve been doing my weekly runs have been cut down to once a week which has been slowing me down during races. BUT I’M BACK!

After the quickest shower of all time I ran over to my friends house to help set up for a wonderful little boy’s 4th b-day party. Happily my sister and her family were down here so they got to go with me to the fantastical event. That means I got to spend quality time with my sister, mom and the babies and included chasing my nephew around a giant back yard and in and out of a bouncy house. Totally worth it as he is an adorable little bundle of cuteness. My niece was as cute but much easier to watch over! The adult after party went late and I was pooped when I hit my pillow.

Sat I was up early hiking with Riggins which made him crazy happy. He ran and ran and ran like his little butt was on fire. He was happy to fully ignore the cries of a couple men who demanded he was in the area where rattlesnakes are. Riggins has no fear and little common sense so he ignored them with a smile on his face as he raced around the no-go zone (one reason he has been vaccinated for rattlesnakes) and I hoped for the best!

On my way home Riggins and I swung by a friends house to drop off back to school gifts for her girls and were easily convinced to head off to breakfast. Two dogs, two women, and a yummy outdoor local restaurant equals fun post hike morning time for humans and animals!

Then off to see Salt and eat it with lovely movie popcorn and soda! I had been saving my “no caffeine” time out card for that moment. Nothing makes me happier than snuggling down in my hoodie in a movie theatre with a box of salty popcorn and a cup of bubbly soda! I even managed to not throw popcorn and the tool-ish dude to my right who thought his comments during the previous were hilarious enough for us all to hear … they weren’t … but my popcorn was too precious to waste on him!

Some grocery shopping, an arts and crafts project for a friend, and off to bed.

Woo hoo! Super duper fun weekend.

(Note there was no biking or swimming which means it HAS to happen this weekend. Also notice the mass of untamed hair on the top of my head in that picture. Told ya.)