I’m in pain. Always. I’m tired. Always. Always. Always. Always. I’m in a constant state of ouch. Why? We are told that exercise makes you feel good, healthy, and relieves stress. Okay that may be, but all I do is feel the pain. Is this how professional athletes feel all the time? If so I take back all those things I’ve said about them not earning their large salaries. Those poor guys/gals must be in agony.

Due to a self made training schedule for my next Tri all I do is work, exercise, and sleep. Honestly. That’s it. The thing that gets cut in that schedule? Sleep, and for me working out more makes my body require more sleep. Since I have no control over the time allotted in one 24 hour day I have to make cuts somewhere. It seems slightly unfair that I hear daily, “wow you look exhausted” (aka you look horrible) when I’m exercising to be a more healthy and vibrant person.

Then there is the actual pain of this working out. PAIN. Honestly at any point in my day if you asked me “what hurts?” I’d have an answer for you. Right now, due to last night’s bar class, I’d tell you the back of my thigh, abs, biceps and butt (always my butt … my butt always hurts …. always.) My first bar class last Nov. the teacher said, “it gets easier but it always hurts.” The woman wasn’t kidding.

Here is the schedule I am hoping to keep …
Mon, Tue, Wed – Get up early to walk Riggins, Work, Bar Method class, sleep.
Thur – Get up early to swim, work, walk Riggins at lunch, more work, Bar Method class, sleep.
Fri – Get up early to walk Riggins, Work, Run, Sleep.
Sat – Get up early to swim (before pool gets too crowded), bike or hike (I prefer hiking but I really have to bike at some point).
Sun – Get up early to bike (before the crazies come out in my neighborhood and mow me down in their car), hike or run (if I don’t hike it means I have to take Riggins to the dog park so hiking kills two birds with one stone and is my preferred activity even though I should run).

Your sleepy just reading that right? Sigh. Me too. The problem with that schedule is that it leaves little to no room for “life”. Life usually gets in my way of making this schedule work. This week is shot to hell. For example, yesterday I had to get up early to clean for the cleaning lady instead of walking Riggins. Tomorrow I HAVE TO get my hair cut/colored vs. going to Bar Method. Seriously if you saw my head right now you would realize this is this HAS to be done. Due to the need to socialize and be happy I’m going to dinner at a friends tonight instead of Bar Method and I may have to take Riggins to the vet tomorrow morning instead of going swimming. All that means is that I will feel the need to triple up on my workouts this weekend. Not a bad idea given that the it will help with my tri training. But zzzzzz. I’m too pooped to pop!

I suppose I need to find balance. You know what would help? Cutting something that takes up large chunks of my time … like work! That’s the ticket! I need to find a way to cut that. I’m buying a lotto ticket at lunch! I’m feeling lucky. Tired and in pain … but lucky!