So one of the things I do on my computer is work. One of the other things I do on my computer is write this blog. One of the cold calling/networking sites I use, LinkedIn, allows you to email prospects (well if you pay them enough money they allow you to email prospects). I’m convinced it is useless but my boss swears by it so I do it. I usually email a group of folks (in this case those that are in the “gaming” industry) a quick intro to our services and request to meet or have the info passed on to a more appropriate contact. Here’s the thing. These “blast” emails are somewhat useless so, although I do them, I tend to use the same wording over and over. Luckily for me most of the sections you have to fill out save what I’ve written before. All I do is click in the area that says “contact phone number” and my number pops up. Tada!

Problem — The subject line section in LinkedIn emails also seems to hold on to my Titles from my blog. So it is ENTIRELY possible that if I’m not careful, and you know I’m not, I’ll send a prospect an email with the title “Sir-Enough About Your Butt.”

This has almost happened enough times for me to think of the response I would have to the “what the ???!@!@!!” email back I would get. How’s this?

“Sorry sir I didn’t mean YOUR butt. Funny story. See I write this blog about my adventures of online dating and things I do with my dog. It isn’t nearly as pathetic as it sounds. Anyway, the title of one of my blog posts just popped up and I didn’t catch it before I hit “send”. Sorry about that. Back to the topic at hand. Can you buy some stuff from me? Thanks.”

I totally think that will work. If nothing else, if I make this mistake, someone might actually READ the email blasts I sent out!