My profile on the online dating sites is very clear. It states “Woman seeking Man.” Not that there is anything wrong with any other combination of these words, that is what mine says. So, obviously, the people who come up as matched to me by Chemistry.com are men. Those who I pass on to the next level (showing I’m interested) are men. From there we can email back and forth and/or play silly Chemistry, get to know you, reindeer games. Explain then this email I just received from some gentleman?

(This spacing is straight from his original letter. Signs of a bad cut and paste job.)

“Hello Dear,You have a lovely profile.Was actually caught up by you and to my satisfaction, i was really amazed when i set my eyes on this astonished pic of

yours, You look pretty,didnt hesitate to send you a letter . I hope it didnt bug you somehow? I am single and never married with no Kids. I am looking to

meet that special someone but so far havent found one yet. I know Good things deserves patience, so in otherwords, I am not in any rush. Just searching and

been optimistic hoping one day he will come take me off my feets..lol…I feel quite delighted hearing from you and writing this to you. I joined this

website few days back and i realized most of the profiles have read haven’t been that impressive compared to yours,so i thought i should know a little more

about your unique and differences from other Men. Getting to find true love is kinda getting harder as the day goes by as almost everybody i come across

wants that good time just having sex and notwanting true love, True love don’t Lie,it knows no Boundary,its like a seed that Germinates and once it is

planted,it extends it branches beyond a limit of attach Women behavior towards racism,Custom and tradition, I am Originally from Cali but have always want a

life anywhere love takes me or some Natural state place, i will be willing to relocate for that special man for me and settle down to start a new life

together, If you want to talk to me, My email is xxx[email address edited for the privacy of this moron] at yahoo,

so you will have to know that its:
xxx[edited again because that is how dumb this person is]@yahoo.com

Pls do keep in touch if you’ve got a chance.I will be anxiously waiting to hear from you, send me a reply on my email alone cos i am not used to this Yahoo

personals site.

I hope you will keep in touch. “

I wrote back suggesting they double check the sex of the person they are spamming with their bullshit prior to hitting the send button. I’d like to think that little comment will ruin their day but I doubt they care.