Last night I received an email from a friend and fellow online dater. The email contained a lengthy correspondence from a gentleman at match.com interested in her. It was pretty bad. The guy was obviously insane. A very lengthy email, honestly I didn’t read the entire thing, about him looking for his soul mate and willing to move anywhere she is located. Something about getting his heart broken. Something about if you aren’t into marriage don’t even respond. Blah blah blah. Crazy crazy crazy. Blah blah blah.

Yet my response to her was:
“Yeah. That’s a good one. At least he can spell though.”

AT LEAST HE CAN SPELL. That is what I’ve been driven to. That now overshadows anything else that could possibly be wrong. AT LEAST HE CAN SPELL. THAT is how low the bar is.

Probably on a strong cocktail of prescription medication for his multiple personalities — AT LEAST HE CAN SPELL.

Worships at the feet of Tom Cruise and an alien ship —AT LEAST HE CAN SPELL.

May have women tied up in his basement — AT LEAST HE CAN SPELL.

His ex-wife has a hit out on him and/or a restraining order — AT LEAST HE CAN SPELL.

He is a cat person and thinks dogs are evil — AT LEAST HE CAN SPELL.

He still lives with him parents but has the garage set up to rock his large collection of video games — AT LEAST HE CAN SPELL.