It is rare for me to randomly come across humanity being good — where I’m involved. When I do I feel the need to share.

Today I left work early, due to chest pains (probably caused mostly by stress), to go pick up my meds at Target. There is a long story about that. Target rocks and I love getting my prescriptions there but, in general, their service is lame. They only have one supplier vs. the normal pharmacy which has 3. That means, more than once, I’ve had to “pick another prescription” or wait a very long time. Normally that isn’t a HUGE deal but when it comes to life changing high blood pressure it can be an issue. Still I refuse to move to another pharmacy as it is Target and it’s the only store on the planet I go to just to “have fun”. So after a weekend of not being on a high enough dosage my meds finally came in.

As any BRILLIANT person would do after picking up her extremely potent blood pressure medicine I took the elevator upstairs (yup — my Target is 2 stories. Boo ya! SEE WHY I LOVE IT?) to get a snack. Nothin’ says intelligent like my need to take my blood pressure meds with a caffeinated soda and super salty popcorn. It’s a combo at the snack bar. How do you expect me to pass that up? I’ll just call it dinner to make it alright in my head. OF COURSE, since I was in a semi-hurry, there was only one person working the snack counter. Normally this would send me into a fit of furry rarely seen since the American Express incident of 2001 (don’t deny my card — seriously — unless you want to taste blood), but I was trying to bring down my blood pressure so instead I just stood there silently taping my foot with my arms crossed. Then I realized (which also rarely happens as the person closes to me usually gets the full wrath of my hate) it wasn’t this poor woman’s fault that some moron called in sick and her idiotic managers have no actual skill to see there is an issue that requires them to take action. To this woman’s credit I have NEVER seen the kind of glove on and offing, microwaving, cash registering, skills in action before. It was almost magic. And the group of hungry wolves crowding around her responded. I’ve seen people get physical in this line before. Not today. Today we were all under her charm as she carefully and skillfully multi tasked. Then it was my turn … and she was starting to waver. It’s like seeing a marathon runner stumble near the finish line. WE HAD TO HELP HER. WE HAD TO WALK OUT THERE AND PICK HER UP AND DRAG HER TO THE END. SHE COULDN’T GIVE UP. WE WEREN’T GOING TO LET HER. So after I ordered I brought the guy who ordered ahead of me his pretzel that was hot from the microwave just so she wouldn’t have to leave her post to add “waitress” to her, already ridiculous amount of work. Then the Target rent-a-cop saw my effort and had a straw waiting for me when I went to get my heart stopping caffinated soda. I’d like to think we started a chain of love at the Target food court. That after I left the poor super multi-tasker didn’t lose her shit and fall to the ground sobbing under the stress covered in liquid cheese and frozen hot dogs. I like to think that every new person who ordered helped someone else and together we brought peace and love to the worlds most perfect shopping location … Target.

(It’s perfection made only more obvious when I walked to the door and realized THERE IS A NEW “FRESH” FOOD SECTION. TAKE THAT MEAN PEOPLE AT WHOLE FOODS. I CAN NOW DO ALL MY SHOPPING IN THE LOVING ARMS OF THE RED AND WHITE!)