Logging into Chemistry.com today I was happy to see that they had identified members of their prestigious panel who would fit well with me. They have to be correct in their love choices, after all I took that ridiculously long questionnaire just so the magical site could match me up with guys and give me valid reasons why we should spend eternity together.

“Like you Markus enjoys watching movies.”

“Like you Ben is the oldest child.”

“Like you Charlie likes to breath oxygen.”

More times than I like to admit Chemistry matches me with someone that makes me want to take the staircase to the roof of the building and swan dive off of it. Today though I was in for a special treat!

The first thing that you see is the person’s tag line. A small, usually one liner, that is suppose to capture your attention and make you want to learn more. One of today’s “match” victims had the following headline:

Hello easy goin fello here just chillin lookin for something different in my life thats good and appreciative of good company 22″

Not going to lie. I am intrigured and want to read more. Maybe not for the reasons Chemistry was hoping for but why argue over something so small as “reason”. So I happily read his profile:

Me like i said im easy goin but don’t make me mad love delicious ladies that can appreciate a real man a good man a good person if intrested take a peak.id luv too here from intresting people whats the flavor for this year??”

He loves delicious ladies and I AM a delicious lady. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and say we are soulmates but come on … can you deny it at this point? I’d love to “take a peak” but sadly he did not post any pictures. My imagination will just have to run wild! Although further analysis of his profile gives me this tidbit of insightful information:

“A book, movie, concert or play that he’s recently enjoyed: enjoyed the action and plot of transformers 2″

What a catch ladies. Back off. Chemistry has decided he is mine. I hear wedding bells.