This blog entry’s title makes me laugh out loud. It also makes me happy that I disconnected the link to my Facebook page as it may be seen as offensive to some. BUT if Disney Online can come up and use really dumb puns so can I.

It seems Disney Online has partnered with Teri Hatcher to launch a site called “Get Hatched”. Advertised as a “Chick’s Guide to Life.” Get it. Because her name is “Hatcher” and “Chicks” “Hatch”. Ha! They are soooooo funny and clever.

I dislike this site and it hasn’t even launched yet. Part of the problem isn’t Disney’s fault. They didn’t sit in a Los Angeles theatre years ago and watch Teri Hatcher butcher my favorite musical roll of all time, Sally in Cabaret. BUTCHER. DESTROY. FLAT LINE. Best musical character for a woman ever destroyed by the need to have a “name” onstage. Most of the blame should be put on the casting director and producers (I can only imagine if the Director had any brain cells he was sobbing during the entire rehearsal and production run) who thought this was an a-okay idea. Although I do believe Teri should have been honest with herself and graciously declined the role with the words, “although I’m flattered I think it is obvious to anyone who breathes that this role is a bit outside my wheel house.” HORRIBLE. I CAN’T EXPLAIN THE HORROR THAT WAS THAT PRODUCTION.

So anything Hatcher and I’m out. I also find the tag line “Miss, Mrs., Mom, Me” annoying. It pisses me off for reasons I can’t put into words. I don’t need Hatcher (AKA Sally Killer) to guide me through life. I don’t know much about Hatcher’s personal life but what gives her the credentials to tell me how to live. She’s no Dr. Drew I’ll tell you that. Obviously I’m not the key demo for this website. If I am then time to rethink the concept! Perhaps changing the tag line from “A Chicks Guide to Life” to “Get Laid”. I’m just saying. Sex sells.