I’m not the healthiest eater on the planet. I’m not the unhealthiest either but definitely not the healthiest. Lately I’ve been having chest pains again (which I think is due to too much caffeine) and get foot cramps when pointing my toes for an hour at Bar Method. I’ve decided, after minimal online research — which is how I diagnose all my health concerns, that the cramping issue is due to low potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte (I think) which gets sucked from your body when you sweat. Now technically I don’t exercise enough to loose too many electrolytes but I consider myself gifted when it comes to sweating. It’s kinda gross. Since I sweat like a big ol’ fat man in the middle of the desert, and tend to exercise more than the average American (this weekend was Runyon twice and 5K which lead to really angry calve muscles at bar method last night) I’m going with the potassium thing. Eating better should help the problems I’ve been having.

I started to follow a couple blogs of women who are CRAZY healthy eaters. (neverhome)maker http://www.neverhomemaker.com/ and Oh She Glows http://ohsheglows.com/. Frankly both of them cheese me off a bit as they are adorable healthy young women/wives who happily live healthy existences. The least I can do is eat a little like them. And I do mean a little.

Adorable pixie like (neverhome)maker lady made what I called Hummus Pizza (http://www.neverhomemaker.com/2010/05/hummus-melts.html) so I gave it a whirl. They were good. Very good. But all I could think of is how much better they would be if they were real pizza vs. hummus. So I made real pizza last night (see picture)! It’s still using the whole wheat muffins and I did have veggies on the side so I feel like it was still healthy-ish. Not as healthy as the pixie’s version but still.

Oh She Glows fairy like lady lead me to this recipe for Banana “Ice Cream” http://www.choosingraw.com/this-post-will-change-your-life/. Now I don’t particularly like bananas so this seemed like a genius way to get the potassium I think I need. Last night I tried this and was AMAZED that it worked. Of course the soft serve texture and look couldn’t take away the banana taste so next time I make it I plan to “Wendy it up” (aka make it less healthy) with some Nesquik, vanilla, or anything else I can throw in there to mask the banana taste! Here are my tips if you make this (learn from my mistakes):
* Don’t just throw bananas in the freezer. When bananas freeze they are impossible to peel and CRAZY cold. Do the prep work before freezing!
* Don’t hit that pulse button too long. I was in awe that it was working and over pulsed. If you dot his you are just making baby food. Blah! I think it would be yummier with little chunks of frozen banana hanging out in it.
* This looks like, has the texture of, and is cold like soft serve ice cream. It’s not ice cream it’s bananas so if you don’t like bananas you aren’t going to like this!

Enjoy my healthy-ish eating tips!