The headline of one of my chemistry match’s today had a headline that made me wonder if perhaps he thought we were both superheros.

I have long ago agreed to pass everyone on to the next steps no matter what but I don’t think I can do it with this guy (although he is cute and is the asst. director to the Simpsons — so he says — which makes you think he may be kidding). Here is more about who he is and what he wants in his own words:

“I’m the male version of what I’m looking for in a woman, very spiritual, out of the box thinker, awake and aware. I’m a connoisseur in the alien and extraterrestrial phenomena and I’m very interested in benevolent ET’s. I’m honest, compassionate, loyal, high moral and ethical values, fit and slender (always), vegetarian, practice reconnective healing and meditation, love my folks, they’re still married, therefore I’m not psychologically traumatized by divorced parents, it’s hard to find someone like that nowadays. I’m loving and kind, not jealous, financially independent, love cats (have two), very sexual, don’t look my age, speak my mind with integrity, respectful tours nature and others. Plus I am a drummer, goofy at times and in love with life, I’m a hopeless romantic and I AM LOVE! So yes, I look for all of that in a woman more or less.

I’m searching for my life mate, someone that completes me and I her. As an artist looks are very important to me, unless I’m looking at a drop dead gorgeous model I’m not even attracted, sort of the spiritual Victoria’s Secret type. That woman who knows I am everything she’s looking for. That special someone that somewhat can almost remember we agreed to meet and have a great life together before we came into this world. Bottom line until we interact soul to soul we’ll never know. “

To recap he is a alien loving vegetarian who meditates on loving cats and will only fall in love with a Victoria Secret model whose soul is willing to interact with him.

That is strike one, two and three all in one sentence! Nah. No way right? No one can be that big of a tool (he does have a picture of himself in Ohm position on a mountain …). I’m going with the idea that he is joking (I don’t think he is joking) and passing him on. This will end badly.