Notice something odd about some of today’s suggestions? Location, location, location. Apparently I’m supposed to be in a different state if I want to find a “soul mate” (I only used those words to piss off Martha). Bummer summer.

Although I do adore Marshall from In Plain Sight. Can guarantee that these guys are as adorable, cute, witty, funny, intelligent, and employed as this fake TV character (the show takes place in Albuquerque in case you have never seen it and can’t follow my logic)? If so then I’M IN! Pack our bags Riggins we are heading East!

Wait a second …. it snows in Albuquerque NM. I know this because my loyal family took a trip down to Santa Fe (through Albuquerque) to visit my soon to be college, The College of Santa Fe. Well soon to be until I froze my butt off and did an about face back to sunny California and well temperatured Whittier College.

Fool me once New Mexico …. Fool me once!