I’m going to a friends wedding this weekend. I heart weddings. Well, truthfully I like any social event where I get to dress up, drink, and dance. I SUPER HEART DANCING. My fingers are crossed there is dancing at this wedding. FINGERS CROSSED!

In honor of my friends important day I decided to upgrade my traditional black toe nail polish for something classier, girlie, and a bit more traditional. Today at lunch I strolled over to the nail place next door to my work and ordered the Express Pedicure. After what seemed like HOURS of looking at polish colors this picture highlights my brilliant choice. That’s right. Navy blue. That was my big jump from black. My more traditional and girlie option. What a freak! Really how different is navy blue from black? It’s no pastel pink I’ll tell you that.

This picture also highlights another crazy pre-someone else’s wedding moment I had. For weeks now I’ve been freakin’ out about what to wear. A girl wants to look cute after all! My shopping excursions were busts so I was stuck with something from my closet. I live alone and fill up three closets so believe me there is plenty to choose from … if one was not crazy. I immediately thumbed down the little frock that I wore to work today telling myself it is too “matronly” (I just looked up that word since I wasn’t sure how to spell it–how it sounded seemed too easy. One of the definitions of “matron” – 2 : a female animal kept for breeding — nice.). Now notice the length of that very clingy skirt. It’s hitting INCHES ALMOST FEET above my knees. In fact every time I go to the bathroom (Which is a lot. Seriously I pee a lot. ) I laugh at how ridiculous I was to call this tiny little summer dress “matronly”. Once I even laughed out loud which added to the crazy moment. Nothing says “totally with it” like a woman looking at herself in a bathroom mirror laughing it up. This realization, that I wasn’t in my right mind when choosing clothes for this weekend, makes me question the whore-ness of the outfits in my suitcase. SERIOUSLY IF I THOUGHT THIS WAS MATRONLY WHAT DID I PACK?

Crazy with a side of super crazy.