I was going to blog today how my annual check up at the gynecologist this morning made me wonder why everyone doesn’t use Seasonique as their birth control pill of choice (4 periods a year — total no brainer) and how I really wish I was rich so I could afford a Dyson vacuum (my dr’s office is next door to the Bev Center which means I window shop at Bed Bath and Beyond on my walk from the car to the office) but then I got a winner of a match on Chemistry.com that could not be ignored so all other blog ideas flew out the window.

I feel somewhat bad poking fun at the guy since he is obviously way below average in intelligence. I cut him some slack and didn’t include a picture from his page nor will I cut and paste what he wrote about himself. I will say the following:

* Per the site we have nothing in common. Again I wonder how I was matched up with him and how he manages to live with no interests at all. I clicked on almost all of them so it takes a dedicated couch potato to have zero interests in common with me.

* He spelled Maybe – “mabe”

* He spelled Riding – “rideung”

* I don’t think either of the above are known to him as typos. Based on the rest of his profile and pictures I am pretty confident that he pronounces these words the way he spells them. As in “Mabe a good time can be had rideung my four wheeler around the parking lot.”

Mabe not.