First of all read the last two posts before diving into this one.

Pickins’ were so slim today on my matches I almost passed through one guy without reading his entire profile. You know I rarely read the entire profile. I don’t know what caused me to scan further down but here is what I found …

“About His Religious Background: I have enjoyed learning about all Christian faiths by attending their services. I know that there is only one TRUE Church on the Earth today because the same church that was on the Earth when Jesus lived on Earth in the flesh has been Restored. LDS.

Education: Some college

A book, movie, concert or play that he’s recently enjoyed: I Design my own magazine called “Where?” that I install into the seat pockets on my home made fake leer jet cabins 12 chairs maximum per restaurant. Serve guests sodas by a beautifull waitress/or. Please tip $6 per chair. She/He will keep drink full.”

You do realize you sound crazy right? I’m totally convinced you are an alien tried to blend in here on earth and failing miserably at it.