From one of today’s Chemistry matches:

  • About His Religious Background: hello i am Daniel by name and i am easy going and generous and kind person i like to make every body around me to happy i wish i can express my self more than this hope to see my type very soon?
  • In his own words: in the future I wish to have an amicable and strong family. In mine
    Lives were the woman and our relations lasted almost 3 years. It was frivolous to me and ours
    Relations are finished. Now I in search. I wish to meet sincere, kind, serious
    The woman. I search for the woman whom could grow fond. I could be very gentle with it. To me
    Very much it would be desirable to have children. I hope, my dreams of a happy family become a reality. I
    I will be fair with you. I do not wish to spend time in vain for any games or chatter.

His profile also says he is an engineer. HOW? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? How did the same person who wrote this go to school, get a degree, and then get a job? HOW?

It also says he is widowed so I’m going to go ahead and make the leap and assume he is a killer.