From one of today’s Chemistry.com matches whose profile proudly says he is a 36 year old male living in Santa Monica.

“I’m kind, compassionate and loving, yet I’m a “total Dude” who loves sports, working as a sculptor and volunteering for The Make A Wish foundation. I’m 46 not 36, I lowered my age so I wouldn’t show up in too many searches, Not ashamed of my age, because age is just a number to me, it all depends on the person and their life’s experiences. “

OOOOkay. That’s the story we are going with huh? Okkkkkkaaaaay buddy. So you are telling me you think there is a HUGE rush of people searching out 46 year olds? Sooooo much more demand, in general, for 46 year olds than 36? Has nothing to do with you being misleading or you not wanting to date women your own age.

I’m cool with that logic. I’ll happily start telling people I’m 26.

PS. You are an asshat.