There is nothing wrong with this guy Chemistry.com feels I should date. Nothing that will stop me from hitting the “i’m interested” button, so that’s what I’ll do. Nothing short of the fact that his name is Goose and he apparently only gets his picture taken while he is on the golf course.

In his own words:
“Hi and thanks for visiting my Profile. My name is Goose and live in Los Angeles, California. I’m an Irish American, and currently an Investment Banker for a major International Investment Banking firm, in the Century City Regional office, I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and received my B.S. Degree from Bradely University. I received my Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles.

I have many interests, with golfing my favorite having a single digit handicap, along with traveling, working out and swimming. I have traveled all over Asia and Europe. I’m affable, intelligent, kind, humorous, generous, outgoing, affectionate, and just a fun and decent man.

I’m seeking a partner to share my life with me. If you have any interest in becoming acquainted as friends first, please contact me. Thanks and take good care. “




I simply do not believe that his parents gave him that name. There has to be some sort of Top Gun story behind that right? Something that happened in college and then he thought was cool so stuck with it? Why Goose? Why not Iceman or Maverick? I mean Goose was charming and was with the adorable Meg Ryan but doesn’t he die? Who chooses his nickname as the dead guy?

I’m going to stop what I’m doing right now and email my friend who is due in 3 weeks and suggest Goose as the baby’s name. Just to hear her response.


And I’m not kidding about sending him on to the next level. He can spell and has a grasp of the English language. Goose or no Goose he’s a catch.