I realize I haven’t posted anything in a while.  It isn’t due to lack of things to talk about it has to do with making the time to write about them!  So I’m going to catch up and do a few mini odds & ends!


Last weekend Riggins and I went up the hill on a Friday.  I had the day off work so took advantage of that to get in some Riggins hill time.  Since I’m normally slaving away at work on a Friday morning the group of folks we passed weren’t our normal crew.  There was an endless amount of “more cowbell” jokes.  Which never get old.  Really.  No sarcasm.  I laugh every time.

His cooling jacket, on the other hand, seemed to baffle folks.  Usually when someone comments about Riggins being “a poor dog” for having to wear a bell or “that’s just sad” when people think he is in a weighted jacket I ignore them.  Why engage?  I get nothing out of it and I don’t know those people.  Usually Riggins is a bit ahead or a bit behind me so other hikers don’t recognize he is mine and feel free to vocalize their thoughts with no knowledge I’m there.

Friday we were walking down the hill with Riggins ahead of me and a group of women were heading up the hill.  I was coming toward them when one of the incredibly intelligent (sarcasm is back) women said, “why the hell would someone put that dog in a bullet proof vest?”  Really?  Did she REALLY think I had special ordered a bullet proof vest and slapped it on Riggins for his weekly hikes through the Hollywood Hills.  What the hell?  As I walked past them I chanted, “don’t engage … don’t engage … don’t engage … ” in my head but my inner voice lost as I past them, turned toward them and said, “It’s a cooling vest.   What my dog is wearing.  It’s a cooling vest.  It would be idiotic for me to put a bullet proof vest on him.”  Stupid seemed unfazed as she continued up the hill.  Sigh.