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I came back from my sister’s house/Thanksgiving early this weekend.  I didn’t want to get stuck in the snow and since the rain meant no winery visit there was no reason to hang around (well besides spending more time with my adorable niece and nephew).  That meant that Riggins and I got to go up Runyon on Sunday!  We haven’t been there in a while which made it a little harder than normal.  I never think that hill gets any easier and then I take a couple of weeks off and understand that it was easier I just didn’t realize it!

The cold followed me back to LA so I was bundled up and the wind was crazy.  At the top of the spine I stopped to put my sweatshirt back on and nearly got blown back down the hill!  The wind made for super clear skies though!  It was beautiful.  You could see for miles in all directions!  Blue skies.  No smog.  Just pretty LA!  Riggins and I took our time so we could look around.  Notice the picture.  PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY + Riggins re-marking what he considers HIS hill!