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Good news, well good news for me. I’ve thought of 28 nice-ities to perform which means I only have 11 more to think up (and 34 more to perform). I appreciate the help so keep those ideas coming! Now on to the most recent Wendy Kindness Bombs (That’s what I’m calling them. Catchy right?).

picstitch (1)#4 – This morning I had to go to the dentist which is located in a big medical building in West Hollywood. I stopped by the women’s bathroom to Operation Beauti-fy it with positive affirmation notes. (More about Operation Beautiful – http://tinyurl.com/b4puj6s). Really is there anyone that needs a positive note more than someone who is heading to or from a dreadful dentist appointment?

#5 – I put a little note and a pack of gum in an envelope and placed it on a car’s windshield in a parking structure. This is a bit of a gamble. Would you eat gum that magically showed up on your car? In the note I added the info to this blog so that he/she could check it out and see that I’m not some crazy gum killer. Hopefully that, along with the fact that it was a fully intact, non-opened, non-tampered with package it will get consumed with happiness.

I’m not going to lie. I really like this one because, like any good novel, it starts out looking like one thing and then there is a huge twist that leaves everyone happy. Can you imagine walking to your car and noticing, from a distance, a note tucked under the wiper? I’ll tell you what I’d be thinking, “What the f***ing f***ck. Are you f***ing kidding me? Did some a**hole hit my car? What the h e double hockey sticks is going on? A**hats!” Then I’d open the letter and there would be a nice note and a pack of gum and I’d think, “Wow … that’s super nice. I take back all those horrible things I said.” TWIST!

Act of Kindness Roll-Call:

To be continued …