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“Wait a second,” you say, “you haven’t finished your 39 Acts of Kindness yet.  What’s up?”  Well loyal reader I’m still going strong.  Sitting next to me is a stack of Bombs of Niceness ready to be sent on their way.  I just can’t tell you about them until they have time to hit their targets!  You will know about them soon enough.

photo (4)While we wait I thought I’d tell you a little story about my lack of skills when it comes to anything cooking or food prep related.  A few weeks ago I decided to have cucumber sandwiches for lunch.  These consisted of cucumber slices with turkey and cheese in between them.  Fun, tasty, tiny and healthy.  While at the store picking up my ingredients I remembered I didn’t have a veggie peeler so I picked up one in the kitchen essentials aisle and headed home.  Once home I washed off a cucumber and grabbed my new tool.  Then I stared at it.  Then I tried to make it work.  Then I stared at it again.  It didn’t seem to want to work the way I remember veggie peelers working.  I tried to force it to work but wasn’t very successful so I stopped and stared at it again.  Then I realized it was a wire cheese cutter.  As I shook my head at my own stupidity I had a wave of deja vu.  Turning toward the drawer these kind of devices are stored in, I searched for a second before I found another wire cheese cutter.  All of a sudden I remembered.  I had done this exact same thing before.  Now I owned two wire cheese cutters and still no veggie peeler!

This past weekend while getting ready for my tea party (more on that here – https://wendyandriggins.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/39-acts-of-kindness-17-18-19-20-21-and-22/) I picked up an honest to goodness veggie peeler so I could skin the cucumbers before making delicious mini cucumber tea sandwiches.  Once again I washed the cucumber and stared at the tool in my hand.  It just seemed like a lot of work.  So I dug into one of my cabinets and pulled out the food processor that made quick work of those cucumbers slicing them super thin skin and all!

Now I own two wire cheese cutters slightly bent from trying to use them incorrectly and 225455_10200844949345991_1477030400_none pristine veggie peeler that has never seen a veggie!  Oh Wendy … so bright and yet so naive when it comes to kitchen related duties.

In other news Bud’s daddy picked him up today.  Before he left the three of us went on a long walk in the trails around the Rose Bowl.   I hope Bud had a fun Doggie Vacation with us.