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For months now I’ve been saying that the new Star Trek movie opens on May 10th.  I’m on a countdown.  Today I noticed a billboard for The Great Gatsby and it’s opening date is …. gasp … May 10th.  I was horrified.  WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO?  What do I stay loyal to? My love for Ray Bradbury and his fabulous Star Trek franchise or my fascination with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s emotionally twisted novel with gorgeous costumes?  I really was torn.  I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve attended Star Trek conventions and have reserved “Daisy” as my unborn daughters name.  It’s like Sophie’s Choice … but worse!

Of course on my drive home I made the only decision I could.  I would go to both back to back opening night.  Double up on popcorn and soda and have a blast.  My next thought was what do I wear?  I’ve already threatened to dress up themed to The Great Gatsby.  I can’t go back on that, but how do I show Paramount that I appreciate their bringing Star Trek back to the big screen while in a flapper dress?  My mind was already on high-speed thinking of costume mash-ups.

Once home I immediately had to get my ideas down and looked up both movies on IMDB.  Turns out Star Trek opens on the 17th a week after The Great Gatsby.  Whew.  Crisis averted.  Even with this new information my mind could not grind to a halt.  I was already planning my costume.  So here you go … my Star Trek/Great Gatsby mash-ups.  Let me know which one you think is the best. (BTW … a phaser/flask is the most genius thing I’ve ever thought of.  I demand these go into production immediately so I can start using it.  Click on the small images to blow them up.  I’m kinda in love with all of them.)

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