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If you read my blog regularly you know I took a leap earlier this year and quit my job without having another one in place.  Although I’m madly in love with not working every day and I adore babysitting dogs when I can, mama’s gotta pay the bills.  Unless Riggins and I want to be on the street with a cardboard sign I need to dedicate part of my life to finding a new job.  This task is made harder by my wanting to take a different career path and move out of pure sales.  If I wanted to just have a job I could have easily gotten one that was just like the last, and the one before that, and the one before that.  I’m sure I would be successful and make good money, just like before, but I can’t guarantee I would be happy and I’m really into trying to be happy.

You know what really harshes my happy?  Job hunting online.  Let’s bypass networking in person and all that and just concentrate on how ridiculous electronic job hunting is.  Everyday I check three specific job listing sites to see what is new and if anything looks like a good match to me.  Then I move on to a list of companies and I check their individual web sites for new openings.  I rotate which companies I check each day and end up looking at all at least once a week.

Now let’s ignore that these resumes are going to a computer or someone in HR that simply scans for keywords and specific past titles.  If you don’t make the buzz word cut you won’t be hearing from them no matter how good you are.  That isn’t even my issue today.  Today my main issue is that applying online is a joke.  Why you ask?  Well I’ll be happy to tell you.  It’s OBVIOUS that most companies don’t care about any resumes that come in online.  They are looking at promotions from within and/or word of mouth from those they know.  They post the job to the general public because … well … they kinda have to.  Makes me want to sob into my 1/2 full glass of Cabernet.

How do I know this?  Well besides common sense let me just go over some of the things I’ve dealt with today while trying to apply to jobs online:

* A major consumer products company career website just isn’t working.  This isn’t something out of the ordinary.  It rarely works.  I’ve emailed their hr dept. about it and sent my resume directly to them in the past.  The site still rarely works.

* A major movie studio web site that surprisingly works a majority of the time, didn’t work well today.  I wanted to apply to 2 jobs and each one I had to restart the entire process 3 times for it to fully submit.  The site just stopped responding part way through the very very long questionnaire.

* Another major studio web site has a search option that just doesn’t work.  On the front page it shows most recent job openings, many of which are located in LA.  When you do a search for jobs in CA you get a message saying there are none.  Doesn’t make sense to me either.

* This didn’t happen today but another example. … On LinkedIn a non-profit company had a really interesting job listed.  To apply it linked you to their site.  Where THERE WAS NO PLACE TO FIND ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR OPEN POSITION(S).  I emailed them and was told to go to their site.  Someone didn’t read my entire email … did they?  So I responded to say that I had done that, that I still was unable to locate it, and requested additional help.  They told me the link was at the top of the page.  It wasn’t.  I’m not a moron.  I know my way around a website.  It wasn’t there.  Heaven forbid they just give me the direct link.  I gave up.  I’m sure that was their goal in the first place.

* I attempted to apply to a position at another entertainment studio today.  The listing stated that you MUST include a cover letter with your resume.  You could only send your resume electronically through their complicated online system.  That system did not allow you to include cover letters.  So there you go.  Set up to fail from the start.  I still turned in my application without the cover letter.  Well at least I think I did.  That was an hour or so ago and the website still says it’s thinking, so who knows if it was processed or not.

Come on people.  I know it’s a waste of time and you know it’s a waste of time but can we please just pretend for my sanity?  At least just a little?  Sigh … I’m going to go take a bath with the chamomile epson salts I bought from Target this weekend.  That should bring my blood pressure down a bit … maybe.

On a happier note — Pictures of Riggins and Morgan playing at the dog park this weekend:photo