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You know how sometimes you have a bad hair day?  There is nothing you can do that can make you happy about what is happening on the top of your head.  When that happens to me I just pop on a hat and go about my business but I understand it can really screw up someones day.

image (8)Morgan is hanging out with Riggins and me this weekend.  When his dad dropped him off I started laughing … and had a hard time stopping.  His mom had told me she wanted to get him shaved down before seeing me.  We usually go hiking and it’s safer for Morgan to have his feet and face hair short.  It’s foxtail season and foxtails are NOT GOOD for dogs.  They can get caught in their paws, ears, eyes, really anywhere and once they go in their natural design causes them to keep going further and makes it very hard for them to come out.  They can be deadly for dogs.  Morgan’s fuzzy hair is a perfect place for foxtails to get stuck and cause problems.  So … he was shaved!  All over … poodle cut shaved.  I’m confident they would have poofed his feet too but his mom had already trimmed them down so they didn’t have anything to work with.  Look at him.  The mouth, the ears, the eyes … it kills me!

Morgan’s mom HATES the poodle cut.  HATES IT.  She still hasn’t seen him in person.  I thought I’d be nice and cut down the poof on his tail but I think she needs to see the entire visual from top to bottom!

On the plus side it was less work for me on the hill today.  Everyone believes Morgan is aphoto (12) labordoodle (his normal cut is very labordoodle-ish).  I get constant comments from people about loving my labordoodle.  I use to correct them that he was just a poodle (and not mine) but they never really believed me so I gave up.  Now I just say, “thank you.”  Today when Morgan got out of the car a woman immediately said, “Oh my goodness.  That is a beautiful poodle.”  There is no mistaken with this hair cut.  The kid is a poodle!

Riggins and Morgan hiked Runyon unaware that I continued to giggle at Morgan’s look.  As usual they strutted up and down ruling the hill and getting the respect they think they deserve.  Our hike was peppered with people admiring Morgan’s unique poodle color and Riggins spotted feet.  They were in heaven!

HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND — with lots of good hair days!