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Coconut oil is magic. I know this because Pinterest told me so and Pinterest would never ever lie to me. A quick Google or Pinterest search should give you an impressive list of uses for this magic oil, many of which I wouldn’t try because I would never think of it and/or the use is just dumb. For example, many will list it as a natural sunscreen of a huge giant SPF of 4ish. 4???? 4???? I slather spf 70 on my face and 50 on my body and I still manage to get burned/tanned/sun damaged. 4???? Don’t make me laugh. I suppose if I was stranded on a desert island with no hope of rescue I’d take a coconut and rub it all over me just to pass some time, but really that’s it.

There is also lots of advice on what kind of coconut oil you should use. I bought the Trader Joe’s a couple of times. The bottle contains the buzz words “organic” and “virgin” so it sounded good to me. Last time I purchased some I was too lazy to make a trip to Trader Joe’s so tossed the brand they have at Ralphs into my cart. The only ingredient listed is coconut oil so that was good enough for me. Works fine. I see/feel no difference.

My use for coconut oil is limited to my hair and body. I tried cooking with it once but it was annoying to measure and liquefying took patience I just don’t have as a chef. Coconut oil will be solid in most of our homes only liquefying at 77 degrees-ish (I could be wrong on the exact temperature … I said “ish” to remain safe and honest.) and above. Before I use it I usually stick the container under some hot running water to liquefy enough for me to slather all over myself. One genius blogger said she keeps hers in the shower and by the time she is finished getting clean it is warm enough to use. Brilliant! That’s now where mine is kept.

Here are my main reasons I like coconut oil:

  • It’s a wonderful hair conditioner. Kinda brilliant in fact. Before going to bed slap some on your head and work it into your scalp/hair. The next morning, after rinsing it out, you will be amazed at your soft locks. The first thing people ask is how you can sleep in bed with a head full of oil. For one, you aren’t dipping your head in it. You put some in your hand and work it around. There isn’t enough to cause any problems. If you don’t believe me put a towel on your pillow. My other tip, if you are worried, do this the night before you change your sheets.
  • As a skin conditioner it works really well. Not the best in the land but pretty good. In fact it has helped the bumps on my upper arms. In the past I’ve used keratosis pilaris lotion along with any other lotion I could get my hands on. Nothing worked that well. The KP lotion was the best but it kinda smells like you are burning your skin off. The other day I noticed that after using coconut oil for a couple of months the bumps are a lot less noticeable. Plus it is much nicer to smell like a mai tai then a burn victim.
  • The number one reason I like using coconut oil for a skin moisturizer is that it makes Round back with Riggins.  Strong leg and ab Bar Method muscles allows you to put your dog with your feet!doing round back in Bar Method easier. Hear me out. There is an exercise in Bar Method called round back that targets slimming and elongating your legs as well as working your arm and abs. You sit in front of the wall with your butt a foot or so away so you can lean back against the wall on your shoulders. Then you put one floor flat on the floor and the other lifted as high and as straight as possible. Finally you push both your hands up into the barre over your head. I think round back is one of, if not the most, effective leg tapering exercises in Bar Method. Unfortunately you do need the barre so it isn’t something you can do at home. Anyway, once your leg is as high and as STRAIGHT as you can get it you go through a series of lifts and extends that test your mental endurance not to mention make the top of your thigh (among other things) quiver with the intense effort. In between the 30 one inch lifts or 40 small extends or 30 tiny circles you get to hold back on for a 1/2 of a second to your ankle for a quick reset. This is where coconut oil comes in. when I use lotion on my legs, even if it is hours before, the lotion is doing its job and therefore my hand slips right off my leg. I can’t get a grip which means no short time-out for me! Coconut oil will soak completely into your skin. This doesn’t happen right away so don’t run to take as shower, cover yourself in oil, and then get angry at me because you are all slippery. Give it 30 minutes or so and you will no longer feel like a human slip and slide. Coconut oil allows me to get a firm grip on my ankle and take that miniscule time out that gets me through the rest of the exercise.

So there you go! Give the stuff a shot and let me know why you like/hate it.