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rigginsYesterday and today I received fun packages in the mail.  Isn’t that just the best?  It’s always so much more fun than a crappy ol’ paper envelope with a stupid bill inside!

The package yesterday was a giant box of goodies from the DogVacay folks.  It had treats in it for the dogs and for me.  We were all pretty excited about it.

Today’s package was something I had riggins3ordered myself.  Sometimes Vistaprint bombards you with so many email deals that the only logical thing to do is to get on the site and order yourself a custom-made hat with you and your dog’s name on it.  Totally normal.  Nothing weird about that at all.  If you have never used Vistaprint before I suggest you just stay away from the site as it is horribly addicting and has really decent prices for the high quality of products.  If you *have* to go on feel free to make me another “Wendy and Riggins” hat in a different color.  I feel like I need a collection of them!