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20130710-001118.jpgI had Asscher with me today. You know Asscher from previous posts as my daycare darling. I don’t have much experience with golden retrievers but Asscher is the best breed ambassador. Such a sweet puppers with a face that can melt your heart.

It is so much fun to hang out with all these dogs and experience their individual personalities. Asscher is a lover who won’t leave the driveway until she sees her mom pull away. Once mom is gone Asscher makes a beeline inside to say hi to Riggins and start her adventures. Her quiet space is in the “mud room” were she lies sprawled out for naps. At the dog park she is the instigator finding ways to get dogs to chase her.

20130710-001135.jpgWhen on a walk she will “protest” when she is “over it,” sitting down and refusing to budge. After giving her a minute or two she will bounce up with more energy than before. Finally, she does not like accessories. If I’m wearing a hat and/or glasses (which I always am) her goal is to get them off my head. I’ve been on the ground at the dog park or on the floor in my house paralyzed with the giggles as Asscher crawls all over me relieving me of my head ware.

How can you not adore such a sweetie character? Perhaps it was having Asscher today that influenced my gorgeous new golden hairdo.

Goldens rule. Just look at Asscher and me!