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There are a few things in this world that make me realize humans can be real suckers.  Sushi, for example.  It’s super overpriced RAW fish … you realize you are all getting scammed right?  Or any cup of coffee over 75 cents.  Personally, I’ll never get over paying for bottled water.  One of the things that always puzzles me is making the bed in the morning.  Making a bed in a room that you will spend very little time in before you are going to jump in and mess that bed up all over again seems a bit futile doesn’t it?

photo (4)With all my dog watching I have gotten much better at my daily bed making.  I make my bed and then throw another sheet over it to “lock” it from any furry beast that may jump up on it during the day.  If at all possible I try to cut down on the number of dog hairs I lay my head on at night!  The last couple of days Riggins and I haven’t had any dogs to host so I haven’t been as gung-ho to take the time to make the bed before jumping in it again either later that day for a quick nap or that night for a long snooze.  During this time I’ve had to admit to myself that I would much rather crawl into a messy bed then a strictly made one.  When I make my bed I tuck in the corners and straighten everything out, as I assume you do.  Then when I get in I have to PUSH my legs down to the bottom and flail around for a bit to get everything untucked, comfy, and wrapped around me (or not).  It’s such a pain!  When my bed is just a giant pile of pillows and blankets I can jump in, pull what I want over me, kick off pillows, and snuggle into my own personal human birdie nest.  In the morning I take anything that got pushed off the bed during the night and throw it on top to be snuggled in again later that day.  If a dog takes a blanket, or for that matter all my blankets, I just grab my afghan (that doesn’t live on the bed) wrap myself up in a burrito and lie back down in my own personal comfy cocoon!

Dexter (cocker spaniel) is staying with us again today.  As soon as he showed up we headed off for a hike.  Once home I forced Riggins and him to pose for pictures for this post.  That is when I noticed that Riggins paw was covered in goop.  When I say goop I’m going to have to assume it is animal poop with mother nature attached to it (leaves, twigs, etc.).  He also smelled a lot like dead animal.  AND HE IS HAPPILY HANGING OUT ON MY UNMADE AND UNLOCKED BED!!!  AAAAAAAAHHHHH! (At one point in our adventure I stopped to take pictures of Dexter and me.  When I turned around Riggins had made his way upstream and off trail.  I assume that is where he picked up the dead animal scent and poo foot.)

Now I not only have to give Riggins a bath and make my bed I also have to change the sheets.  Gross.  Thanks a lot Riggins!  Way to screw up a perfectly good “not doing that chore” excuse!