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I love corn.  It’s simply delicious.  On the cob, topping my salad, popped, anyway you want to make it and give it to me, I’m all in.  I seriously considered going to the movies today JUST so I could get some movie popcorn.  Remember a year or so ago when some scientist health freak type people got on the internet and started bad mouthing my precious corn?  Something about it being a “bad” vegetable.  Too much starch or something.  Lumping it in with the also delicious potato?  I refused to listen.  Leave my corn alone!  LEAVE IT ALONE!  It still goes in the “fruit and vegetable” section of the food pyramid right?  Then zip your pie hole internet.

photo 1 (1)Of all the corn deliciousness there is one that stands out … candy corn.  Ok.  Technically it is not corn at all but it is good enough to proudly carry the “corn” name so it gets to be part of the club.  There are few things more exciting than knowing that October is here and candy corn will be gracing the isles of every grocery store in the US (technically it is always there year round but now it’s in your face … where it belongs).  Saturday I wasn’t feeling well so to pep myself up I bought a bag of yumminess.  I haven’t purchased a bag in years.  You know why?  I eat it.  That’s why.  And I did.  Wow was it delicious.  Today I finished off the last 16 oz. all by myself.  When I say today I mean this morning for breakfast.  The bag of open candy corn sat on my counter for the past few days and I’d happily take a few pieces every time I walked by.  For 5 glorious days I’ve been riding a sugar high that has been amazing.  My taste buds are dulled to any other taste beyond “sugar,” my eyes water a little, slight gagging in the back of my throat, slight eye twitch.  All signs of sugar overdose that causes you to grab more and stuff it in your face (or in the case of candy corn carefully eat off each color starting with white and ending with yellow).  I gotta have it man.  The bag is like a magnet to my soul and just draws me in.

In this world there are two types of people.  Those who worship at the candy corn gods and those who dismiss them with a shake of the head.  I just don’t understand the “no thanks” people.  What is wrong with you?  It’s a delicious sugar treat shaped somewhat like a giant corn kernel with festive fall coloring.  How horrible was your childhood that you can’t see the goodness in a piece of candy corn?

Granted I can’t give candy corn a pass and say it’s healthy.  Although it is fat-free so that has to count for something ,…. right?  Right????  A serving size (24 pieces although they should just measure by the handful it would make it a lot easier) has 150 calories, sodium, carbs, and sugar.  All other “nutrition” is 0%.  Exactly what you want from a piece of photo 2 (2)sugary goodness.  So the words “glaze” and “wax” are included in the ingredient list.  So what?  What are you doing looking at the back of a candy corn package in the first place.  Stop being such a square and eat it already.  Enjoy the sugar high with me!

(Gotta catch you up on the dogs that have visited over the past few days.  Dragon was here for an extended weekend and Asscher has been here during the days this week.  New faces, Odo a lab mix, stayed for the long weekend too and Chief, a lab, spent Sunday with us.  I’ve included some pictures so you can see how adorable they are.)