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photo 1 (2)Years ago I found this adorable online store, Locher’s Paris, that had the most precious women’s blouses and necklaces.  So feminine and petite.  Then I looked closer and saw that the genius designers used these lovely fashion items as a way to get across much more important messages.  Messages that speak straight from my heart.  Messages like, “You Suck” and “I am the Greatest and Fuckin’ Gorgeous.”  OF COURSE I ordered up a couple of shirts (I actually don’t remember what the shirts I had said.  I think they were directed more toward men and what they could do with themselves) and a beautiful necklace.  The shirts have long since been worn out but the necklace still lives on.  It has the cutest little picture of an adorable baby on it with a sweet little button and bow hanging off the top.  It says “Fuck Off”.  When I wear it I sometimes get comments like, “is that your baby?” and I get to reply, “No.  It says fuck off.”

photo 5 (1)Recently I received the best news.  Locher’s was releasing new shirts.  What?  What???  Because they are genius it was a slow tease and they released their new lovely designs slowly to their adoring fans.  I had plenty of time to convince myself I could do without a haircut/color and eyebrow wax to purchase a couple.  How could I not?  The second they were available I rushed over to their website and filled up my virtual cart.  Since then I’ve been anxiously waiting for my purchases to arrive.  Every time I come up my drive way I crane my neck to look over the 1/2 brick wall to see if there is a package waiting for me.  Anytime I have somewhere to go I think, “if my shirts come today I can wear one out.”  They never came.  I was so distraught photo 3 (1)I didn’t know what to do.

Finally I jumped online and sent Locher’s an email. Here is our exchange:

Me to Lochers:

Subject: order help

> Hi there –
> I ordered two of your new blouses when they first became available and have yet to receive them.  Unfortunately I didn’t keep the email receipt since I haven’t had problems with orders in the past.  Can you help me find if the order has been shipped and if so where it is?
> My address:
(deleted so you can’t stalk me)
> Thank you!
> Wendy

Lochers to Me:

> Hello there lovely Wendy,
> These shirts are for PRE-ORDER of our LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION and will not be shipped out until OCTOBER 15TH (you must have not seen the message in red on each pagehttp://www.lochers.com/apparel5.html) and you will receive and email of shipment that day. I know you are eager to get these tops I would be too but you must be a little more patient…..and don’t forget darling, all good things come to those that wait….

> Sweet Wishes and have a fantastic week!
> Denise

Me to Lochers:

I didn’t see that.  I’m just happy the package wasn’t sent to a neighbor by mistake. If I saw one of them in my brilliant blouses I’d go insane.

Thank you for the quick response.

Lochers to Me:

I would too…….. xo

photo 2 (3)Don’t you just adore them?  Not only are they a company of talented designers but also brilliant at customer service.  As an added bonus their website and Facebook page are a hoot.  Brilliantly designed with the most poignant of pictures.  I really suggest you check them out and purchase one or two things for me …  I mean for you … and me.


All pictures here are from their Facebook page.  Facebook.  Website.


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