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photo 1My Halloween table runner has been sitting under my TV since I sewed it.  I’m in that room everyday (watching TV) so it is a good place to put it to let me get the most enjoyment out of it.  A couple of days (weeks) ago I was having a few friends over for a casual dinner and I thought it would be the perfect time to use the runner.  Then I thought it was a great time to use the beer bottles I’d be saving (and as an extra bonus get rid).  That is how the most boo-tiful of all dinner party tables came to be!

RunnerHere is how you can make this 10 minute runner.

Buddha Beer (actually called Lucky Beer) – I found this great beer on sale at Vons.  I’m not a big beer drinker and never purchase beer unless it is for a party but how could I pass these up?  The bottles are shaped like the Buddha!  That’s brilliant!  I love them so much and figured they would make perfect flower vases.  Then I came up on the problem … what photo 2do you do with 6 tiny flower vases shaped like Buddha?  You add them to your dinner table and hand them to each guest as they leave.  How does it taste?  I don’t know … like beer.  It’s a light beer that real beer drinkers wouldn’t be that impressed by but I like it.  The beer is made in Mexico so I suppose it is kinda like Corona Light-ish.

Spooky Wine – I was getting flower for the Buddha Beer vases at Trader Joe’s when I saw this wine.  The wine dude asked if I needed any help pairing wine with my dinner.  Who does that?  I’m pairing the label to my table theme!  Honestly the wine wasn’t great but it was only six bucks (probably why it wasn’t that great) and looked perfect.  It’s also screw top which is my favorite.  I plan to start a petition that demands all wine is screw top vs. cork.  If you want a bigger selection of Halloween themed wine/beer/etc. I suggest going to Cost Plus World Market.  I was there recently to get a friend a birthday present and I spent a long time wandering up and down the Halloween themed aisles just wishing I had a reason to purchase everything.

Candles – I used individual candles because I couldn’t find any suitable big candle holders.  There were fun and are currently upside down in my freezer so I can pop out the dead candle goop.

There you go!  Happy Halloween week to you!