My friend Martha and Me

Earlier this month my friend Tricia came over to put our glue guns to work and make holiday flower headbands for our annual holiday girlfriend gathering.  Tricia spent all night zipping through a one flower headband and then perfecting the masterpiece that was to sit atop her head.  During that time I threw together 5 of them and then spent a couple more nights finishing them off.  Glue gun master … that’s what I am.  That first night, with Tricia, I was still using my old school super hot glue gun which means the night was punctuated with a lot of my cursing.  It didn’t help that every time a new flower was added Tricia, me, or both of us held up the creation and demand that it was an f**ing masterpiece.  If I’m to be honest there may have been some drinking.  And … well … each 1467197_10151953386066704_1099422008_none was a f**ing masterpiece.  It was during one such outburst that Tricia suggested I needed my own craft show.  After hours, of course.  Sort of the anti-Martha Stewart.  Works for me! (I made these headbands before so if you want to learn how just click here.)

To double up on my domestic-ness I made cookies prior to the washing (and during the drinking).  Pumpkin Spice Cookies … aka yumminess.  They are also the easiest cookies of all time.  Let me share my oh so secret recipe (secret if you don’t know how to use Pinterest because it’s posted there at least 50

Tricia enjoying a beer with a masterpiece of a headband.

Tricia enjoying a beer with a masterpiece of a headband.


* Preheat over to 350

* Grab a box of spice cake that you bought at the store.

* Grab a can of pumpkin that you bought at the store.

* Mix those two ingredients in a bowl.

* If you want to go crazy throw in some chocolate chips.

* Plop a spoonful at a time on a baking sheet and stick in the oven for 15 minutes

TA DA!   Super yummy and ridiculously easy.  Just how the anti-Martha Stewart likes it!