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photo 4 (25)Let me back up a bit … I have a new obsession. Groupon Goods. You know Groupon right? It’s one of those deal sites where you purchase coupons or deals for a restaurant or gym (or whatever). One of those things I would purchase and then ignore and never use. I’m horrible at using gift cards or Groupons or Living Social deals or anything like that. My dad reminded me I have a gift card my mother and him gave me last Christmas for El Cholo. I LOVE

For the kids

For the kids

El Cholo and yet that gift card is still sitting in my wallet. I’m going next week … for sure … maybe … I did recently use a Subway gift card but that is because I was hungry, I had it in my wallet and was driving by a Subway. All the stars aligned! Somehow last month, I don’t remember the details, I magically stumbled upon Groupon Goods. It’s so exciting. It’s the most wonderful thing to hit my iPhone since Happier!

Groupon Goods is where you can purchase actual physical items at a discount. It’s like a mixture between SkyMall and Target but at the tip of my fingers. There are so many amazing deals and at the same time so many things I didn’t know I even needed. It’s just amazing and I demand you download the Groupon app (or go to their website) and check it out right now. I like the app because I

Thanks Internet!

Thanks Internet!

can lie in bed and scroll through amazing item after amazing item and if one strikes my fancy I hit “buy” and it’s all mine! ALL MINE!!!!!!!!! There is some stress involved since most items are limited quantity and deals only last a few days. Therefore, it is mandatory you check it nightly, like me, to make sure you don’t miss something fabulous!

Last month there was a deal for a large number of individual sized PopCorners (25, 50 … I don’t remember … it was a wonderfully large number)

For the men.

For the men.

for a great price. What a perfect thing to bring to my sisters for the fourth of July, I thought. BUY! Then I forgot all about them. I got home from my sisters on the 6th. Do you know what was on my doorstep on the 7th? A GIANT BOX OF POPCORNERS! Perhaps my timing was off but it’s still the most wonderful thing ever to be delivered to my house. It’s a giant box and is taking up my entire counter. I have Popcorners for days! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Making it rain Popchips!

They just don’t sell food on Groupon Goods. Need a dog bed? They have a few options right now. There is an amazing array of vibrators … so many options. You want to feed your yoga pants

obsession? No problem! Towels, teeth whiteners, batteries,

I want this.  I don't know why.

I want this. I don’t know why.

dresses, perfume, cameras, and so much more! Seriously … you gotta go check this out. 120 hair ties? What? I don’t have long hair but I feel like my zillions of PopCorner bags could use a friend or two or 120! How do you pass up a deal like that? BUY!