So last night’s date went “okay”. 90% of the time that is my take. That is why I have a new-ish rule. EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND DATE. I’ve had to force this rule on myself. I’m not overly happy about it but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Very few people are good at dating and that “creepy” vibe you get could just be first date nerves. I went out on a date with a guy recently that giggled through the entire thing. Seriously. Like a little girl. Giggle giggle giggle. I have to assume that isn’t his actual personality but jitters finding their way out.

There are two exceptions to this rule:
* The guy is a liar liar pants on fire (aka he says he is 30 and his pictures show him as a male model in cowboy gear only to find out he is closer to 45 and his modeling days are far behind him — don’t laugh —- it’s happened — to me) or possible stalker/killer.
* He is a perfectly nice guy but the thought of kissing him makes me gag.

Honestly this new rule hasn’t really been put into play yet. If my response to a date is “that was okay” I usually leave it up to him. If he asks me out again I’ll go. If he doesn’t I won’t. Even though the last 3 (but whose counting) dates I’ve responded with, “yes, that would be great” to the “can I give you a call” question no one has actually given me a call. Now you may read this as I’m a bad first date. Impossible I tell you. I am so charming it would knock your socks off. So here is my take …. if I don’t jump them wrapping my legs and arms around them and covering them with kisses they are too chicken shit to ask someone out. Man up boys. Let’s see what you are made of.

Last nights date threw me a curve ball. Here is how he ended the night, “well, I’ll leave this up to you. You have my phone number. If you want to go out again give me a call.” TOUCHE MY FRIEND. I don’t like it. Kinda pisses me off. BUT T O U C H E!